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Growing Education in the Crawford Bay School Garden

Farm to School brings healthy, local food into schools and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities that foster food literacy, all while strengthening the local food system and enhancing school and community connectedness. 

Farm to School empowers students and school communities to make informed food choices, while contributing to vibrant sustainable regional food systems that support the health of PEOPLE, PLACE and PLANET. [Farm to Cafeteria Canada]

We are currently in the process of working with Kootenay Farms Marketplace, based out of Creston, to enhance our access to local produce. We hope to extend this opportunity of shopping locally on a bi-weekly basis to our local community. Stay tuned!


  • Trying to source local food
  • Cooking with and eating local food:  Hot Lunch Program, Foods Courses, Classroom learnings
  • Growing a large garden with greenhouse, fruit trees, composting, vegetable and herb beds
  • Incorporating Food Literacy into the school curriculum
  • Collaborating with community individuals and organizations to support their F2S program



  • Farm to school provides access to nutritious, high quality, local food so they are ready to learn and grow.
  • Students gain lifelong skills.


  • Farm to school provides farmers opportunities to educate and connect with students in their community and can serve as a new market opportunity.


  • Buying from local producers and processors helps stimulate the local economy, while engaging community members help to foster deep community connections.

What is Food Literacy?

Food literacy is having the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to choose, grow, prepare and enjoy food to support one’s health, community and the environment.  Food literacy is about healthy eating, caring for the environment and supporting your local farmers and businesses.


1. Healthy Schools BC for more information on Food Literacy in schools

2. Farm to Cafeteria Canada for more information on Farm to School

Farm to School at CBESS