Principal's Update September 27th

By Daniela Fiess

At CBESS we opened the 2022-2023 school year under the theme of building community.

Our first day assembly was inspired by the children’s book, “Be a Good Ancestor”

It is a beautiful book about building awareness of who came before us, who will come after us, and how this awareness effects the way we treat each other and our environment.

In practice, throughout the day at CBESS, community building may look like reading books together, or to each other for the K-1 and Grade 2-3-4 cohorts. In Grade 4-5-6-7 it may look like teaching the younger children through dramatic role play about code of conduct inside and outside of the school building. In the middle school and high school wing, students may take on leadership initiatives by organizing spirit days, class trips, or sport teams.

As a staff on planning day, we came together to collaborate between cohorts and successfully worked on future plans to spiral our literacy and numeracy programs to foster smooth grade transitions.

As we approach Truth and Reconciliation Day, I’d like to express our gratitude to Liam Fitzpatrick from COIN who is leading our celebrations of indigenous culture.