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Principal's Update November 22nd, 2022

Inspired by the October Pro D day, Ms. Lanaway at CBESS organized some sessions with the Creston Museum.

The 7-8 class received a fantastic lesson on the history of the Creston Valley, including its original shape, before dyking and farming began. Historic simple machines were brought here and explored with the students for a full experience of the equipment used in the changes of the valley.

The grade 4-7 class welcomed Tammy from the Creston Museum to present a wonderful lesson called “Sea to Sea.”  The children were thoroughly engaged for over an hour creating and examining Canadian puzzle maps and historic flags, while discussing how social values and government helped shape our country and national identity.

Looking ahead, CBESS is shifting the focus on to the Performing Arts for the upcoming Winter Concert on December 15th.

The 4-7 class will be preforming two holiday plays.

“Wake Up Santa” is a comedy about how Santa’s alarm clock is broken and he will not wake up regardless of what the elves at the North Pole try.  The K/1 class will perform “Jingle Bells” and the 2-4 class will perform “The Little Drummer Boy,” all in attempt to wake up Santa.

“A Visit From St. Nicholas” is a dramatization of the popular Christmas poem.  Four narrators will read as the class pantomimes and dances throughout the story. The grade 2 students from the 2-4 class will be dancing snowflakes during the reading. 

As per historic tradition, the Grade 2-3-4 class with their teacher Johanna Strom are preparing to perform the Robert Munsch play “Murmel, Murmel, Murmel”. Stay tuned to meet the outrageous characters that Robin encounters on her path to find a home for a baby.

With December approaching, Sarah Wick will be returning to her role of Principal at CBESS. Thank you all for your kindness and support while I was temporarily filling her role.

Welcome back, Sarah!

Daniela Fiess