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Thank you for a great Fall Festival!


First Annual Fall Family Festival and Celebration of Learning

The rainy weather didn’t stop the fun at our Fall Festival!  We had about 150 people attend, visit classes, talk with staff, meet other parents and grandparents, play games, compete in the pie walk and eat delicious homemade chili.  It was wonderful to see so many families in the community join us for this celebration, along with community members, former students and local movers and shakers!

It was wonderful to hear students sharing their learning with their families with depth and enthusiasm.  The whole thing was so much fun we are now calling it the First Annual…. Maybe we could look at a spring event too… 

I want to thank our incredible staff for their creativity and school spirit.  Huge thanks go to Chef Rebecca, Theresa, Taryn and Ms. Draper’s class for making and serving enough chili to feed pretty much everyone!  Deep appreciation to our PAC for contributing in small and big ways, seen and unseen.  Thank you to our face painter – she had a line up until after dark!  And a great round of applause to our wonderful local businesses, whose contributions to our free Chili dinner and gorgeous basket raffle made all the difference:

  • Red’s Bakery – tons of buns
  • Forge and Furnace Gallery - sculpture by Chris Jones, and Hand dipped candles.
  • Barefoot Handweaving - A handwoven lug-a mug, and treasure bag
  • Ted Wallace- A Print of “Black Orpheus Remembered”
  • North woven broom- A cobwebbed broom
  • Lago Exotic Jewelry and Design- Beaded earrings
  • Black Salt Cafe- $50 gift certificate
  • Gray Creek Store- Gray Creek Store T-shirt and Mug
  • Dog-patch Pottery- Two small plates
  • Norse Arts- Stained glass
  • Crawford Bay Store- Large handmade basket

And you- parents, grandparents and people I don’t even know yet how you are connected to our school – thank you for your generosity!  We were able to fundraise a significant amount toward our grade 12 graduation and the many field trips we are planning this year! 

If you have any feedback on how we can grow this wonderful event, please let me know.