Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule 2019-2020

Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule, 2019-2020

We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming school year. We recognize that you likely have some questions about your child beginning school this September, and perhaps specifically about full-day kindergarten. This letter is to inform you of a few details regarding this.

Kindergarten is a big step for children and there will be a gradual entry from half days into full days. During the gradual entry schedule, your child will be able to take the bus to school, but will need to be picked up until they stay all day during the last week.

Please be sure to email or phone Palma in the office if this is unclear.

Week 1: Tuesday, September 3 - Thursday, September 5 • Morning Kindergarten only – 8:30 am -11:50 am. Pickup required before lunch. No Kindergarten on Friday.

Week 2: September 9 - 12 (Monday-Thursday) • Morning Kindergarten only – 8:30 am - 11:50 am. Pickup required before lunch. No Kindergarten on Friday.

Week 3: September 16 - 19 (Monday-Thursday) • Morning Kindergarten only – 8:30 am - 12:45 pm. Pickup required after lunch. No School on Friday, Sept 21st - Pro-D Day.

Week 4: September 23 – September 26 (Monday- Thursday) • Monday - Thursday full day Kindergarten – 8:30 am -2:38 pm. No Kindergarten on Friday.

For the rest of the school year: • Monday-Friday full day Kindergarten – 8:30-2:38.

School Supplies

We provide school supplies for $25.00 per student, so you do not need to purchase any, and you may pay with a cheque (payable to Crawford Bay School) or cash at the school office.

Your child will need a pair of inside shoes that are non-marking and easy to put on. Also send them with an extra change of clothing that can stay at the school including: t-shirt, shorts, long sleeve top and pants, socks and underwear (if needed).


School begins at 8.30am and students are expected to be in class at that time. If your child will be absent, please phone the school at 250-227-9218 to let our school secretary, Palma Wedman, know by 9:00 am.

Bus Arrangements

Registration for the bus is done online through the website at by selecting ‘To register online for bus servicing’. You can also see the times for bussing by selecting ‘Bus Routes- East (Creston-Crawford Bay) and scrolling down to Route 11- Coyote and Route 12- RoadRunner.

Please note that if you make any alternate plans for your child (ie. going to a different house for a play-date, or having a different person pick your child up) you need to let the office know in advance by phone 227-9218, by email or online through the CBESS website Please inform the office a day in advance.

Healthy lunch/snack

Crawford Bay PAC runs the Hot Lunch Program that is available 4 days a week, at a cost of $3/meal for Kindergarten to Gr. 4. If you would like your child to participate in this, they may pay directly on the day, or you can pay in advance for a number of lunches. Please always send a healthy snack for your child to eat at recess and a lunch if they will not be having the hot lunch.

We look forward to learning with your child. Please feel free to contact me by email at if you have any further questions.

Best wishes, Erin Gibbs Principal