Different Together

SD8 - Kootenay Lake School District believes every child should be supported to reach their fullest potential. We also embrace diversity, as we know it is an asset that strengthens our communities. As educators, we acknowledge the important role our schools play as essential agents of knowledge, socialization and acceptance in society. We recognize that racism remains an imposing barrier and has no place in our schools and thereby we support the #DifferentTogether initiative.

#DifferentTogether Pledge (Source: Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia):

In BC, the #DifferentTogether Pledge shows our commitment to opposing racism. Join SD8 in taking the pledge and explore ways to celebrate diversity and oppose hate. We must take this opportunity, during this time where anti-racism demonstrations have spurred a global protest movement, to acknowledge the violence and discrimination in our own country with regards to the historic and lived experiences of Indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups in Canada. 

As we reflect on our role as educators and make a commitment towards effective change, we invite you to work together with us to create lasting change for all our students so that they will experience learning environments that oppose hate and racism in all its forms.