All Schools: In-class Learning Suspended / Soft Beginnings starting Monday, March 30th.

Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

Bell Schedule


School Starts: 8:30 am

Recess start: 10:15 am

Recess end: 10:30 am

Lunch start: 11:50 am

Lunch end: 12:50 pm

End of day: 2:38 pm



School starts: 8:30 am

Recess start: 10:00 am

Recess end: 10:15 am

Lunch start: 11:55 am

Lunch end: 12:45 pm

End of day: 3:00 pm


Office Hours

8:15 am - 12:00 pm, 12:45 - 3:05 pm